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A fantastic advertising campaign is one thing, but placing it where your target audience can engage with it easily is an art that is becoming increasingly more specialised.

Many companies don't meet their objectives, as they get slotted into group campaigns in the interest of a quick media fix, rather than a using a considered, individual approach.  

Connecting the dots

At Diamond Media we work across the media spectrum – everything from banner ads and TV, to billboards, Facebook and Google AdWords. Once we’ve assessed your objectives, we cherry-pick the appropriate media according to what will work best within your budget. 

Because we specialise in the agribusiness sector, we know which mediums work and create a targeted media plan that delivers solid results within the rural community. This happens because engagement is our focus – we’re tracking it throughout a campaign, and will happily adjust media to get a more targeted and powerful response. We are constantly watching your campaign, reviewing farmer habits and tweaking to ensure precise placement of your marketing messages that will get results.

Our media options…

Google Adwords: 

  • Useful for generating sales leads.
  • Also great for testing offers before committing to a campaign.
  • An excellent solution for a tight budget – with Google's pay-per-click Adwords, you can set a budget that allows you top placement on Google for your selected keywords or phrases. 

Online Advertising:

  • Can provide a very targeted audience for your brand.
  • Useful to drive the success of a wider campaign or website leads.
  • Audience understanding is key in choosing relevant placement, and we have extensive experience creating and placing online advertising.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):

  • An essential for any website – and one of the simplest media fixes.
  • Focusing on SEO will make your site more attractive to search engines, getting your business listed as a top result in searches.
  • We have vast experience in web design and site optimisation to help you improve your visibility, through our partner companies The Sales App Centre and Hot Mustard Communications.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • A valuable tool to improve internet search results for a low overall investment.
  • Alongside improving SEO, search engine marketing is a valuable tool to stake your site at the top of the search list with the likes of Google.

Traffic Analysis:

  • Get a detailed and real-time view of how your campaigns are performing with analytics.
  • Allows you to make changes mid-campaign for better response.
  • We use analytics continuously to measure and adjust performance for our clients’ sites and campaigns.

Facebook and Instagram

  • The ‘go-to’ social media tool – but a lot of effort can be put in for not much effect without the right know-how.
  • By strategically posting and advertising to the right people we’ve seen brilliant results for clients, providing very targeted and measurable results.



  • Blogs can be a cost-effective tool to build your brand and audience by offering valuable market knowledge… for free.
  • They key is creating engaging, shareable content that you can use in your social media and e-marketing channels… and doing it regularly.
  • We can talk you through whether a blog would be a valuable media stream for your business, and help you develop, write and even manage that.


And all the others!

  • Social media is an ever-changing world and there is no ‘one method fits all’.
  • What Instagram is for one company, LinkedIn is for another, which is why it comes down to analyzing your audience, their interaction patterns, testing and adjusting.
  • We have wide experience in social media and can help you develop a dynamic social media plan that engages your audience and keeps the conversation going.
  • Depending on the campaign, outdoor advertising still packs a hefty punch.
  • We’ve know what works, how effectively we can use a budget outdoors, and depending on the campaign we’ll also think outside the box to get your brand where it needs to be.
  • We’re fully accredited to book billboards, bus shelters, bus backs and more.
  • TV and radio still hold a massive amount of power in the media spectrum, particularly for some companies and products.
  • It’s all about being very strategic about placement and carefully measuring return on investment, which is what we do very well.
  • Viral video content is another aspect we’ve had great success with for clients, whether it’s a campaign hook or ongoing vlog.
  • Like any media nowadays, strategy is key to getting return on your media investment, and print media is a prime example.
  • We have vast experience media planning for clients and creating a very thorough and targeted print media plan, whether it’s using magazines ads, cover-wraps, inserts, or writing articles.

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